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Fwd: Re: Love Bus

From: Ed Carter <>
Date: Sat 24 Aug 1996 - 09:45:45 PDT

Subject: Fave albums. . .
From: Andy Mechtenberg <>

> Favourite albums! Let's have a heated debate...
> Is there any danger that there's a confusion, or is there a genuine
> clique of novelty butch fans out there?

Funny that this discussion should come up right now in my life. I've been lurking on this group for years now . . .

Just recently, I've dug out my old Jazz Butcher CD's (I've got everything on CD from Bath of Bacon up to Something Blue). If I listen to Bath of Bacon or The Gift of Music now, they seem a bit dated. The novelty songs are fun, in a nostalgic sort of way, but the 'real' songs are the one's I'll listen to over and over again. Songs like "Big Saturday", "Girlfriend" and "Only a Rumour".

All that being said, my favorite album is still "Fishcoteque" (sp?) probably because it's closer to "Distressed Gentlefolk" without the novelty. Ignoring "The Best Way" of course . . .


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