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Re: let the games begin

From: Ed Carter <>
Date: Sat 24 Aug 1996 - 09:53:31 PDT

>have you taken the survey page down? I tried to
>access it from the JBC page, and couldn't connect.

At the risk of whingeing, the survey results disappeared into the WWW aether when I moved jobs and I always meant to update it with all the johnny-come-latelys who only filled the damn thing in when the results were out (I mean...) Since then I haven't had time to eat or sleep, let alone fiddle about with the JBC survey thing.

I'm changing jobs again soon, so I might leave it off for the mo. I recognise there may be a need for it, though. I'll slap it back up in a couple of weeks from my spiffy new address.

oh.. and:
>PS To "Poisonous Ed":

That is _not_ my name! I just happen to know some people, that's all...

ed, tardy

         Ed Carter - Dept Public Health, Glasgow University||+44 141 330 4041 "I'll stab a knife into the face of any man who dares to oppose me." Received on Sat Aug 24 09:53:31 1996

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