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is this list dead?

From: Gregor Young <>
Date: Thu 26 Sep 1996 - 10:18:51 PDT

Either my email isn't picking up the posts or there are no posts (or the list server is down) because the flow of info has been nada for bout a week now.

Besides that, I just picked up Draining the Glass. Not sure why as there's nothing new in terms of strange outtakes or live tracks. The liner notes are great (the history of the JBC as witnessed by Karel Von Daemmerung) but for a retro that's aimed at hard core fans some extras would have been nice. Perhaps the Creation compilation...

BTW, my copy is put out by Nectar Classics "licensed courtesy of Fire Records". $16.98 Cdn.

I now have closure. Bring on Sumosonic. Received on Thu Sep 26 10:18:51 1996

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