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what's going on?

From: Greg Bair <>
Date: Thu 26 Sep 1996 - 11:30:27 PDT

Hello all-

So what *is* up, anyway? I apologize for not knowing myself, but I missed about a month of list postings due to moving.

Could someone please give me more information about this "Draining the Glass" thing. (A song list would be nice...) Also, I'd be interested to know if the JBC web page is being kept up. I noticed that there are some video clips of sumosonic. Would it be possible to post a few song (audio) bites as well? And one last thing. What about the Creation compilation that was talked about a while back?

Thanks all, and sorry if I'm rehashing old news.

Is anyone still here? David? Chris? Julian?...

"I've been out of touch, I just dropped by to say hello..." Greg Bair Received on Thu Sep 26 11:30:27 1996

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