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Draining the Glass

From: iaa <>
Date: Fri 27 Sep 1996 - 00:44:55 PDT

(Sorry to the regulars for the reposted info.)

The new CD has:

Smith, Marnie, Human Jungle, Real Men, Partytime, Big saturday, Reagan's present, Girlfriend, JBC vc dracula, Caroline wheeler, domestic animal, Zombie Love, walkw/Devil, girls who keep gold fish, bigfoot motel, drink,nothing special, just like betty page, angels, down the drain.

I've seen it available on two different websites: CDNow <> and CD Connection (address unknown at the moment). CD Connection was significantly cheaper. I've also seen it in stores in the San Francisco area for around $11. Enjoy. Received on Fri Sep 27 00:44:55 1996

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