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Sumosonic... ain't bad

From: de l`abattoir <>
Date: Tue 01 Oct 1996 - 02:08:24 PDT

i received a sumosonic cassette this weekend, and some of you may be happy to hear that it is nothing like the video snippets found on the JBC website. in fact, this is pretty much pop with drum machine - the nature descendent of the Black Eg meets songwriting. one song in particular, Business & Workd is as near a perfect pop tune i have heard in awhile.

after fighting with my SGI and some downloaded MPEG encoders, i turn to the list.. who has MPEG encoding software that i can send 9 songs as 3Meg, 15 second stereo 44.1K AIFF files and get back *.mpg? i can only crunch these guys to 300K each, and know it can be done better.

speak up and be the second to hear this (rather good) stuff.

JBC: Received on Tue Oct 1 02:08:24 1996

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