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Re: this sumosonic thing

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Wed 02 Oct 1996 - 02:50:35 PDT

On Oct 2, 10:25am, wrote:
> Subject: this sumosonic thing
> Is someone willing to explain this to the ignorant? OK, the JBC finished
> but Mr Fish strides forwards with Sumosonic. Is that the same basically
> but with a different name

mostly the same personnel. plus cathy on vocals, minus a real drummer for the most part. lots of guitar still, and the type of lyrics we have come to expect, minus a few I.Q. points. lots o' synth.

> or are we in a whole new ballgame?

well, the songs are more dance-y and outside "JBC expectations", which was the point of changing the name - if it is no longer called The Jazz Butcher, then he no longer has to do what people expect of The Jazz Butcher (his reasoning).

> And is he still on Creation

yup. he claims they are going nuts for it, too. the release supposedly will have different mixes of the songs found on the website (see below)

> and when and what will he be releasing?

"before the end of the year"

> Sorry for all the informed, but...

info is sketchy, and you are asking what many people probably are wondering.

> Cheers for any help,
> Martin

(up too damned late, putting finishing touches on this rev of the Sumosonic website:

Received on Wed Oct 2 02:50:35 1996
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