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SumosoniCentral & Draining the Glass

From: Mike Egli <>
Date: Wed 02 Oct 1996 - 06:48:09 PDT

Kudos to David for an exceptional website! I'm glad I have ISDN at work, those files would take forever at home! Thanks David for spending the time (and the late hours) to get the Sumosonic website up and running.

The songs I downloaded seem better than those relatively scarey videos on the JBC page, perhaps the video portion overwhelmed the music, I'll have to listen and not look.

If you haven't checked it out yet, what are you waiting for!

I was at a friends house and he was on the phone talking with Pat on Saturday and Pat asked him if noticed anything strange about the Draining the Glass CD sleeve (is it still a sleeve?). First I thought it was the D.R.I.N.K. thing but he says they just like putting periods in things and no there was something else so I looked closer and noticed that the picture showed him playing left handed and as far as I remember he wasn't. I guess he couldn't hold it anymore because he told us then THE PICTURE IS MAX!! NOT PAT!! By the way, I've only seen Max play once when he toured with David J, is he left handed or did they use the negative backwards?

Mike Egli Received on Wed Oct 2 06:48:09 1996

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