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Should we really care....

From: Dr. Slop <>
Date: Wed 02 Oct 1996 - 13:38:19 PDT

... what Pat and company think? I mean, should we revamp our opinions on account of this...

> almost everyone who's ever been involved in the JBC considers that it
> reached its zenith on Condition Blue (the nadirs being any record with a pale
> blue cover produced by John Rivers).

Like I'm a bad fan if I think _CB_ blows and _DG_ is cool?

This is why I'm not so keen on memners of the project in question participating in listservs. At least MES has the good sense to lurk obliquely on the FallNet.

And could someone let Gabriel know that the v
thing is pretty annoying?

Onward, crankus in extremis,

Rick G. Karr			NPR Chicago 		+1 (312) 516-3367
Received on Wed Oct 2 13:38:19 1996
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