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First msg / Q regarding rare/reissue CDs

From: Dr. Walter Alden Tackett <>
Date: Mon 14 Oct 1996 - 15:34:43 PDT

Hi. New to list, couldn't readily find this in the FAQs, so here goes: does anyone know about reissues of the Sex & Travel / Scandal in Bohemia CD by the Jazz Butcher?? I have a copy of the cover, but the disk was swiped !!! :-((

Any help would be appreciated. Used copies for sale would be appreciated, too!!!

---> WT

N E U R O M E D I A S t u d i o s Dr. Walter Alden Tackett, President
voice: (415)752-3793 fax: (415)386-0114 snail: 298 4th Ave. Suite #400 San Francisco, CA 94118-2468 Received on Mon Oct 14 15:34:43 1996
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