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From: Al Avery <>
Date: Tue 15 Oct 1996 - 18:09:52 PDT

hello again

? anyone out there have only a couple of JB recordings and want more? i do i've got: Gift of Music (CD); Distressed Gentlefolk (CD); Illuminate (CD); Draining the Glass (CD); Fishcotheque (LP); Hard 12" b/w Grooving In The Bus Lane (a personal favorite), Vienna Song and Thing; and Conspiracy (You'll Be Alright) 12" b/w Forever, Peter Lorré and Big Old Wind. i really want older recordings i.e. Bath of Bacon, Sex and Travel, Bloody Nonsense etc. I will record on to high bias tape for long lasting enjoyment. my girlfiend (the copyright guru) informs me that this is all legal as long as you've made a reasonable attempt searching for them. so, no worries, most of it has been discontinued. maybe we'll all have nice new shiney discs to play when glass finally reissues it all, but for the time being.....

look forward to hearing from you. Received on Tue Oct 15 18:09:52 1996

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