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JB find of the week

From: Glen A. Davis <>
Date: Mon 21 Oct 1996 - 09:31:44 PDT

Just thought I'd pass along a story of my find of the week. Whilst in a record store this weekend (to purchase Porno for Pyros tickets actually), I looked through the 'J' section of the used cds. This is a usual ritual for me as I'm always on the lookout for JBC cds that I don't already have. To my surprise I found a copy of In Bath of Bacon. The store, unfortunately for me, had realized its rarity though, and I had to pay an arm and a leg for it even though it was used. I think that only leaves 2 more JB cds to complete my ownership of his entire catalog of full-length cds (excluding the compilations of Bloody Nonsense and Edward's Closet). Happy hunting.

     Glen Davis
     San Diego, CA
Received on Mon Oct 21 09:31:44 1996
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