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Sumosonic website

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Tue 22 Oct 1996 - 18:28:44 PDT

hello all.

by this time tomorrow, should be available to the world. i grabbed it today and they claim that it will be pushed sometime tomorrow.

any kind souls want to help with the $100 fee? :-|

i already registered, which is where i plan to migrate all of the JBC stuff currently sitting on a server at Purdue (2+ years after i left!). i hope to have everything moved over & updated (finally!) within the month.

i also hope to move the mailing list to adjective where i will be able to do more sophisticated blocking of the crap. is a hell of alot easier to remember, you must admit., unfortunately had been taken and is pretty amusing (Johnson Bible College).

pat is working with paper copies of all the JBC lyrics right now, so the updated site will actually contain AUTHORITATIVE translations of those lyrics no one can figure out. he also will be sending a bunch of Sumosonic propaganda, so the site should be pretty snappy.

i will be upgrading and adding to the audio, initially with mpeg audio, and perhaps with StreamWorks. No, i will not do RealAtrociousAudio, sorry. StreamWorks also supports video broadcasts as well as audio feeds capable of filling a T1. see for more info if interested.

suggestions for improvements or additions to these websites? Received on Tue Oct 22 18:28:44 1996

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