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Re: JBC Review In Q (fwd)

From: Jennie Bolton <>
Date: Fri 25 Oct 1996 - 16:24:28 PDT

Matthew Fogel sent this along....

>A friend of mine, Michael Hanna, scared this up for me and I thought it
>might interest you folks in the pasture. [deletia]

>> Too talented to be
> > dismissed as a whimsical pop eccentricity, the JBC deserve a wider
>> audience than the rancid moshpits that usually welcome them.

Only I must protest. I've been in those pits myself on every occasion I could muster, and aside from the usual idiots trying to slam dance to "Partytime" there was nothing rancid about them whatsoever! In fact, they were extremely loud and not at all offensive. Though, I do get the reviewer's general drift about Pat deserving a much wider audience......

A test, to see if I can actually post to this list now that I've switched e-mail accounts, after two years of enforced lurking......

Jen (:^

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