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a good find

From: Mr. Nobody <>
Date: Sun 03 Nov 1996 - 21:55:22 PST

 People of Earth,  

 First: if you are Dave Coverly, please send me your email address -  I lost it, and I have tapes for you.  


 While perusing a newly-opened used record store in Chicago, I found  a copy of the "Marnie (Miaow Mix)" ep.  

 The contents are as follows:  

 Side A (45 RPM):  

 Marnie (Miaow Mix)  

 Side B (33.3 RPM):  

 Zombie Love
 Girls Who Keep Goldfish
 Sweet Jane
 Cowgirl Fever  

 I think the only thing on this that is not on "Gift of Muisc" is  "Cowgirl Fever", but its still a neat find.  

 The date on this thing is 1984, and Pat and Max look, well, 12 years younger.  (I'm assuming that the other person in the picture is Max - its hard to  tell since he is not wearning sunglasses, and it looks like he is wearing  a turtleneck).  

 The price? $5.00!  


 They also had the 12" single of "Hard", and I imagine that the price  is the same, if anyone wants me to nab it for them tomorrow.  

 -joe     Received on Sun Nov 3 21:55:22 1996

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