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From: Thomas Frazer <>
Date: Mon 04 Nov 1996 - 13:06:35 PST

Dear Jazz Butcher Pals:

Arrived at desk after listening to a loud rendition of Real Men,(Thanks Dave E) which puts me in the right frame of mind to contend with my customers and coworkers. There's been a question that has been bugging me for several years now. I thought that it would turn up in conversation here somewhere or other, but I'll take it upon myself to ask it to the wizened listies...

"Who is Lionel Brando?"

Anxiously awaiting your reply,

Tom Frazer
who is presently surrounded by real men recounting the 49er football game.

p.s. I ordered Draining the Glass from CDNOW last week and pulled up the review of Condition Blue, the only JB album with a review. It said that it was written after our beloved Pat has a nervous breakdown in 1990. Ugh. I hope he's well now. I can send zoloft if it would help 8*)... Received on Mon Nov 4 13:06:35 1996

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