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The Jazz Butcher Website... is moving!

From: de l`abattoir <>
Date: Tue 10 Dec 1996 - 00:21:14 PST

lo... after all these years, i am migrating the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy website onto a faster server - with a more sane URL:

most areas on the old purgatory server will flip you over automatically to the proper area on the new site. let me know if you find something obviously wrong.

a few of the areas on adjective are still under development (read: searching, feedback & stats), but everything else is in place - those areas will remain active on purgatory until i get that functionality up and running on adjective.

the mailing list archive is completely up-to-date on adjective.

the bug on purgatory that would cut-off the albums area is fixed on adjective.

there are still a few tweeks yet to do to my presentation engine and until then, a few of the larger pages will take awhile to load, but that will all improve as i get the time.

so then, update your bookmarks and let yr friends know.


-david Received on Tue Dec 10 00:21:14 1996

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