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Re: Sumosonic / Blue Aeroplanes

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Tue 10 Dec 1996 - 13:08:13 PST

> I got the Sumosonic single - and it doesn't suck! I was really afraid of
> the techno word, but it's really a good Pat Fish tune with slight elements
> of techno. The b-side and remix are techno-y, but even those aren't annoying.

hey, mitch.

does your Sumo single have the yello spaceface on the label? i'd like to know whether my copy is the D.J. or "regular" version.

if you could, send us the catelogue #'s, etc. thanks.

myself, i am awaiting the day when Business & Work makes onto a round thing - and it better not loose its amazingness in the process. the single "Version" of Come Friendly Spacemen is quite a bit different than the version on the advance tape that pat sent (as in, not nearly as good).

kinda funny to hear a what a northamptononian's take on "Drum & Bass" is.

Received on Tue Dec 10 13:08:13 1996
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