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re:Sumosonic / Blue Aeroplanes

From: Fleur Howles <>
Date: Wed 11 Dec 1996 - 02:33:00 PST

In message "Sumosonic / Blue Aeroplanes", '' writes:

>I got the Sumosonic single - and it doesn't suck! I was really afraid of
>the techno word, but it's really a good Pat Fish tune with slight elements
>of techno. The b-side and remix are techno-y, but even those aren't annoying.
>Anyone going to the upcoming Blue Aeroplanes gigs? They'll be selling a
>show-only casette there that I'd like to get my hands on.

When are they? I thought they'd called it a day last year with the 10th anniversary gigs in London? Any Blue Aeorplanes gig is worth a look.

>And speaking of the 'planes, a great new band made up of former Aeroplanes and
>Lucy Show members is Zero Zero. Check 'em out.

Fleur Received on Wed Dec 11 02:33:00 1996

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