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Sumosonic / Zero Zero

From: Mitchell R Dickerman <>
Date: Thu 12 Dec 1996 - 06:52:16 PST

I thought I'd answer all the questions I received in one posting:

  1. Yes, my Sumosonic single has the yellow spaceman on the cover. The info is: CRESCD242: Come Friendly Spacemen / Monks Of Kung Fu / Come Friendly Spacemen (version)

How DOES that advance tape sound, Dave?

2) Zero Zero: There's a CD single out for "Strong", it just has 3 tracks from the album. (I hate when that happens, Pat did it w/"Sixteen Years")

_Ava_: Redhead Records, REDCD0015, 12 tracks Robert Vandeven - vocals
Graham Kearns, Mark Bandola, Eric Roche, Bobby Bradley, Nick Burton - guitars Richard Wright, Mick Tedder, David Churchill, Robert Vandeven - addit guitars Mick Tedder, Karl Shale, Robert Vandeven - bass David Churchill, Malcolm Scott - drums/percussion Mark Bandola, Peter Henderson - keyboards Subway Superstrings - strings
Ginger Taylor - harmonica

3) Nope the Blue Aeroplanes have NOT called it quits, and are working on their next album as I type. In fact, they have *2* best-of's coming out over the next month or so, one from Fire and one from Chrysalis/Ensign. Each supposedly will have a couple of rare/unreleased tracks. I think they're playing tonight in the UK - check your NME/MM or the BA homepage.

And that's all I know!

Mitch Received on Thu Dec 12 06:52:16 1996

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