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bloody nonsense

From: Brad Malinowski <>
Date: Tue 31 Dec 1996 - 21:00:07 PST

Dear Whoever is in Charge:

                Five years ago I was lucky enough to find a copy of an album called "Bloody Nonsense" in the bottom of a used record bin in the back of an extremly filthy record store. A friend of mine who was there said he thought he had maybe heard it was a good album and for $2 it seemed like an okay risk. I was hooked. i collected all the albums, but bloody nonsense was my bible. All was well, until early 1993 when i was living in a warehouse in Oakland, CA and a crack addict stole all of my albums to support his habit. I have looked coast to coast and recently in England( London, Cambridge and Bath) but i have never since even met someone else who has even seen a copy of this album. I would probably pay good money for a bad copy, if i could find one. Can anyone involved with this remarkable web site help me out

Thank You,
James Hill

P.S. This is my stepfathers Netscape account But I can Be reached @ this address. Received on Tue Dec 31 21:00:07 1996

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