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From: Kirk Biglione <>
Date: Sun 07 Jan 1996 - 06:31:52 PST

OK, maybe I'm a bit of a pessamist. I did receive a few concerned responses about the possible death of the list. One of you rightly pointed out that some of the unsubs might have something to do with school schedules.

And I suppose it is a bit hard to speculate what Mr. Fish might be up to before he unveils his next big project (Audio Aquatic or whatever he finally decides to call it).

Personally, I'd like to hear more about the last JBC show if any of you were in attendance. I know there was one report, but it would be nice to hear possible dissenting opinions.

And what of the penultimate show at Slurp's on the dreaded December 21st date. Any major disasters?

And were any messages delivered to Pat at the final show, and did he promptly burn them without reading them?

Big Questions. Ok, maybe just small questions.

Kirk Biglione

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