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Re: Doomsayer

From: Edward Carter <>
Date: Mon 08 Jan 1996 - 05:53:03 PST

> OK, maybe I'm a bit of a pessamist. I did receive a few concerned
> responses about the possible death of the list.


Metadiscussion: I don't know. It's nice to have a relatively quiet mailing list, there are only so many times people can list their favourite tracks or ask (belatedly) about tour dates before I start formulating my unsubscribe message. Even if I am guiltier at posting crap than some. What do people want? 150 "Oh no"s?

Northampton: Richard Wheeler, who isn't on the list for the reasons above, went to the Northampton show and associated birthday party. I don't know if I can squeeze a proper report from him. I had a few words with him at the Garage and he said it was pretty good at Slurp's. The few words were short on detail, you note. Mebbe Pat's got a tape of that as well.

Reassurance: All messages of love and support were delivered to Pat as promised, via Kathy. He hadn't picked them up when I last spoke to him, but I assume they found their target. We'll see.

Survey trivia: despite leaving it quite long enough, the publication of the results produced a delayed spurt of responses, bringing 46 new entries over the last few weeks. Including Pat, actually. Results will be updated in the near future. Let's hope there are no more Scorpios.

ed, whose New Year's Resolution is "Get a grip". Received on Mon Jan 8 15:02:46 1996

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