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From: Alys Janice Schleicher <>
Date: Mon 15 Jan 1996 - 23:08:42 PST

        Noticed that the list has been somewhat silent these last few days- hopefully its not my mail server acting up...

        Is there any word on the Fire Records deal? I thought that I would throw out two cents on the subject... Any chance that Pat might consider the box-set option? It could include all the unavailible material- Everything from Bath of Bacon to Distressed. Also, Pat might consider contacting one of the independent heavies here in the states. And some people might laugh, but there are success stories out there. Fugazi for example own Discord Records and although they have to do some work they end up taking in 98% in sales.

        Well, just a thought. Someone let me know if the message is recieved. And hey, any info on the present state of things would be deeply appreciated.                          Received on Tue Jan 16 08:21:31 1996

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