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good british music mag

From: John P. Thomas <>
Date: Sat 03 Feb 1996 - 16:16:07 PST

Hello all, just a quick question from a yank on hte list. Since my musical tastes tend to run toward british pop music more than most american styles I was curious if any of you on the list have any recommendation for good british magazines that give a good overview of current (and also past) british music groups. I subscribe to rolling stone but the information is rather paltry. Two magazines I do see rather frequently here in California are 'Mojo' and 'Q' (the issue of 'Q' I saw even had a Small Faces profile, Imagine that in an American publication). Are either of these any good or are there better ones out there to look for. Thanks for any of your advice...


jt Received on Sun Feb 4 01:19:14 1996

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