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Despatch from the deep wold

Date: Mon 05 Feb 1996 - 13:54:04 PST

Audio aquatic [Sound Machine] were all set to release a single: "Come, Friendly Spacemen" when the market for astronomical-electro pop was rather dragged away from them by Babylon Zoo and that dreadful Levi's commercial. (Do US citizens understand what I'm talking about here?) Fortunately, BZ are so bad it might just happen anyway.

    I have *no* idea what you are talking about here...

Either I'm getting no email or everyone on the list has unsubscribed in the wake of the JBC implosion. Somebody discuss something.... please!

    Yeah - there is at least one person who has not unsubscribed. Nothing     will start people talking more than an actual release by Pat. Or a tour.     Or anything.

    We could always start the "Condition Blue sucks/doesn't suck" argument     again. Not! Received on Mon Feb 5 22:58:06 1996

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