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From: Ed Carter <>
Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 02:27:05 PST

I wrote:
> > Babylon Zoo

A number of people replied along these lines: > I have *no* idea what you are talking about here...

So at the risk [certainty] of appearing patronising I will explain.

The current #1 single in the UK is "Spaceman" by a band called Babylon Zoo. It's an amalgam of thirty seconds of electronic backing music that appears in the latest commercial for 501s and some rather dodgy guitar bits - even at 30 seconds some think it too long.

Levi's comercials are anticipated and discussed in the UK in much the same manner as, say, the latest Amaldovar film or some other minor cultural event: "Is the latest any good? How about the soundtrack? Why is there never one as good as that one with the tires?" It beggars belief _why_ this should be. Anyway, the music to any Levis commercial invariably makes it into the charts, regardless of merit.

So there you go. Catchy electronic pop music about spacemen is currently riding high in the charts, courtesy of this strange fascination people have with advertisements for jeans.

Worth a mention is that the 'leader' of Babylon Zoo is some bloke whose name I can't remember but who spent most of the last ten years dragging a hugely ignored indie band [maybe "The Corndollies"] around the transit van / tenner-a-night circuit but gave it up and released a more commercial single about spacemen and now sells by the cartload. Is there a lesson here for Pat?


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