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just some thoughts

From: Nick Polak <>
Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 23:45:31 PST

de l`abattoir wrote:

[large butchered snip]

> that said.. welcome!
> curious... how did you find out about us?

visited the wonderful web page haviong been tipped to the server by a fellow music buff -- followed the links like Hansel & Gretel through the woods.

> see any good shows?

never had the pleasure. Been in Florida most of TJB's lifetime, I'm afraid. Not much culture down here!

>like any records in particular?

Quite fond of "Waiting For The Love Bus" -- esp: "Bakersfield" -- just got up to put it on in fact. Lovely record. Pink Floyd meets Roddy Frane. Or something like that, anyway!

> FYI:
> the final JBC gig (under that name) was at the
> Garage in London on December 21st, 1995 - what you
> knew as the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy are no more!

My bleeding luck! Not the news I wanted to hear on my first day on the list! Ah well -- 'twas inevitable, I suppose.  

> -david
> "Quality in sound"

Keep up the good work!

------------nick Received on Wed Feb 7 06:06:04 1996

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