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From: N. Holden <>
Date: Tue 06 Feb 1996 - 11:23:14 PST

first off, a bit of housekeeping...please unsubscribe my old address,, and subscribe this one, sorry to post that bit to the list but I've been on this list so long now that I have totally forgotten how to do it...thanks. :) I live in pittsburgh, pa these days and despite that, I made it to the last jbc show in london, dec. 21...I'd had the trip planned for months when I heard that the show was going to be smack in the middle of my trip to england. I guess it was fate or whatever, but at any rate I am delighted I got the chance to see the jbc for the first and last time. I really enjoyed the show but in hindsight I shouldn't have drank as much as I did. I remember most of what I heard but very, very little of what I saw (mainly because I couldn't really see straight, I think). met the band and met ed from the list here and that was very nice. anyway I am sure I can't add anything that hasn't already been said so that's all I'll say about the show.
then I flew back to ottawa (I'd bought my plane ticket while I was going to school in ottawa, blah blah blah), and there I found _distressed gentlefolk_ on cd. what a pleasant surprise. incidentally it was at the same little shop I'd found the _scandal in bohemia/sex and travel_ cd at over a year previously.
found a couple jazz butcher 12"s and the like while I was in england, but nothing really rare, I don't think. incidentally, does anyone know whether there is any difference between the versions of the songs on the 'sixteen years' cd single, and the same songs on the _illuminate_ cd? I am not known for being the most perceptive person on the planet but I can't tell any real difference, and if they're exactly the same's the point in the cd single? well anyway I just thought I would say hi and get myself subscribed with the correct address...take care...

Nora, puts all her faith in magnetic tape... Received on Wed Feb 7 06:25:58 1996

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