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To Pat Fish (the Butcher Himself)

From: <>
Date: Fri 09 Feb 1996 - 16:12:41 PST

Hey Pat- Tony in Dallas-Hopefully you'll be back in Big D soon. I understand that the JBC era may have come to an end!? Will your farewell concert be in Dallas (hopefully so!!-I'll bribe you with all the Beck's you and support can handle! Erika will provide the Jagermeister!! I did manage to get you on the radio here in Dallas about 8 times within the past year or so. We'll keep pushing!
see ya soon-Tony.
Hi Pat!! Erika here! Yeah, I'll bring you excerpts on tape from the radio when I get there (end of March). The video of Golders Green did not turn out

that well, the video that is.  That is because no one would let me turn the
lights on, remember!!!?  The audio turned out fine and I enjoy listening to
it!  Well, I don't know if you spoke to Dooj lately or not, but I will be
there soon and hope to hear some of the new stuff you are working on! Please say hi to Curtis and Kathy for me! I'll be in touch soon! Jaegermeister and Dinkel Acker to all!!!! -Erika- Received on Sat Feb 10 01:20:58 1996
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