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From: Thomas Frazer <>
Date: Tue 13 Feb 1996 - 08:02:55 PST

Dear listies:
>Well, now that the jbc is in the process of mutating into this
>aquarium/jeans commerical thing, and that the traffic on the list is
>getting kinda slow, I thought I toss in some random thoughts before
>starting the work day.
>Some 10 years ago, a buddy in Tahoe City, California, of all places, hands
>me a cassette and says "I think you'll like this. It matches your sense of
>humour." A copy of Scandal in Bohemia/ Bath of Bacon comes into my
>possession. It rapid becomes the sound track of my later college years.
>Remembering shooting off to bike races or staying up until early while
>working in the darkroom with Drink at ear shattering levels is a cherished
>memory. Being on a date and cueing up Sex Engine Thing is another, but for
>entirely different reasons. Just after graduation ('87, '88?) I had the
>pleasure of seeing Pat and company with the mythical Alex Chilton at the
>I-Beam in San Francisco. Alex encored with a rollicing "Volare" and the
>JBC slayed 'em. Pat's lapel pin with quite noteworthy as well. Great
>Real life called and wife and daughter ensued. Ghosts still pop up on the
>cd player with regular frequency. My JBC tee shirt (thanks to Chris
>Camfield!) has been provocative on weekends. (City offical sees me at ATM
>and reads shirt. Looks at me strangely and says "Jazz Butcher? What's
>that?" I chuckle inwardly and go about my key punching...) And my two
>year old daughter likes to dance in the living room to Penguins. The
>casette is long dead (any leads on replacing it gang?) and having had to
>drive to Bakersfield last week, well, you guessed it.
>Cheers to all of you jbc fans, and here's to the new projects.
>Tom Frazer
>P.S. Who the heck is Lionel Brando anyway?
Received on Tue Feb 13 17:07:25 1996

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