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From: <>
Date: Wed 14 Feb 1996 - 19:00:30 PST

I found out about your list via a friend ( who had "discovered" the Web site. I had known about the Web site, but was using the URL printed in "Illuminate".

Although I live in Texas, I was fortunate enough to attend the last JBC show at the Garage last December. It was a pure coincidence that I happened to be honeymooning in England that week. I'm sure you've heard plenty about the show by now, so I won't rehash any of the particulars. I will say it seemed more like a gathering of old friends than any other show I've ever been to. It was at once celebretory and also a bit sad. It was nice to be around a group of long time die hard JBC fans; this was quite a contrast to most of the JBC shows I'd seen in Dallas.

I'd like to know if you have any information regarding future projects from Pat Fish or any of the "Conspirators". Also, do you know whether any JBC merchandise is still available through Creation or any other outlet?

Thanks, looking forward to future mailings,
Eric Received on Thu Feb 15 04:04:07 1996

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