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Re: go figure

From: Matthew Fogel <>
Date: Tue 20 Feb 1996 - 07:40:17 PST

On Fri, 16 Feb 1996 wrote:

> I've got mail from strangers!

More mail from Strangers!
> A note on the lyric trans. of President Alzgipper's B-Day Present:
> Does the song not begin with a re-verbed murmur that sounds curiously like:
> "Picture themselves as an Eagle Scout or something"??? (I prefer to hear it
> this way---one of my JBC favorites)

> And that line in Ugliest Song on Illuimate
> sounds like
> "I bet she doesn't even know what a trope is"- (god
> forbid if she does if you ask me)------??? comments?
I wouldn't worry too much. The web site is rife with transcriptual errors. This is not David's fault or just seems that no one really cares to correct the mistakes. It's much more fun to read the lyrics and smugly say to yourself...HA! There are too many "ands" in that line!  

> Helllp Me!---
> Just where the hell do you people find ANYTHING early by the JBC (such as
> this rumored Distressed CD) ??
> Even the current stuff is slim pickins in this rustbelt
> breadbasket known as "Bills' Country" ---my hometown. Not much of a JBC
> following around here, although Alanis Morrisey is rife. (I've got one hand
> in my pocket and the other in my ears---I believe the technical term is
> "addled subjectivity," No?)

Buffalo, eh? Try scooting over the Canadian Border to Sloth in Niagara Falls, Star Records in St. Catharines, or Station To Station in St. Catharines. Some early JBC on display here, but don't even bother to ask for an import of Illuminate (Obviously won't be a problem for you)...I spent six months on their ass and they kept pushing Spacemen 3 on me. (Which is okay, 'cause they're really great to chill out to.)

Or if that doesn't work, email to Woodroes@AOL and tell'em your a big fan
of theirs and -- by the way -- would their lead singer consider selling you his extensive collection of JBC memorabilia including rare CD re-releases of Gentlefolk and Big Questions and what not. They're from Youngstown (Lewiston-Porter) just up the I-190...

> --->Best to all----->Reformed Angel--->

Matt, who's expecting some very nasty email from utfp any day now.

 "I would like to fall in love again but my only hope is that love doesn't  happen to me so often after this. I don't want to get so used to falling  in love that I get curious to experience something more extreme -- whatever  that may be." -- Douglas Coupland, _Life_After_God_

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