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Re: go figure

From: Matthew Fogel <>
Date: Fri 23 Feb 1996 - 13:16:11 PST

On Fri, 23 Feb 1996 wrote:

> On Tues, 20-FEB-1996, Matt Fogel wrote:
> :On Fri, 16 Feb 1996 wrote:
> :> "I bet she doesn't even know what a trope is"- (god
> :> forbid if she does if you ask me)------??? comments?

> I also had no idea what a trope was until recently. My wife, the former
> English major alerted me of their existence, and I looked it up.
> According to a dictionary of literary terms I have, a "trope" is a term
> used in rhetoric and literary criticism. Basically, it means a figure of
> speech, with some kind of comparison involved, for example metaphore,
> similie, irony, etc. This makes sense in the song. It's like, "she has
> no credentials as a song writer, but it's a damn fine song anyway!"
And with that, Matty stands firmly corrected. The word also seems to fit with Butches learned credentials...Just never heard of it is all...

> Greg Bair
> who isn't at all crazy about the "Audio Aquatic"--YUCK!--moniker, but
> will undoubtably rush out to buy the music anyway...
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> "It seemed like a fine philosophy.
> In five years, I thought, it would
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> philosophies I've had."
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Thank you Greg, for brightenning up the lights in here!

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