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Best of Pat: show banter

From: David Whittemore <>
Date: Mon 26 Feb 1996 - 21:18:38 PST

this evening, i decided to give one of my JBC 92 live tapes a listen and thought y'all might appreciate some intra-show banter..

26Apr92; Cat's Cradle, Chapel Hill, North Carolina about 20 people in attendance, after the 5th or 6th "miserable ballad"

"Let's have a look at the tuner..
What can I tell you?
The last time I was here we had a good gator joke. Does anyone have a good gator joke? No? You don't have to shout in here; we're all friends here. It's not like a real rock & roll concert This is something else.
This is what they used to have before Guns & Roses.

People go on about the Velvet Underground... All these people that reckon they're hard, they talk about the Velvet Underground... Have you *heard* live tapes of the Velvet Underground? It's like lounge night!

'Ah... we can do two short sets,

	or one long one... We'll be serving sandwiches
	and having a raffle...'

I mean, bless em!
Didn't stop em from being a good group, did it?

It's like my friend Sonic from Spacemen says... He was doing this concert in a club in London and like everything was fucking up on him and they couldn't get anything together...

He just like, after about 20 minutes of unexplained nothing happening on stage, he turned around and said... cuz he's dry, Sonic, he says:

'Yo don't see many groups with good gaps these days, do you?'

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