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From: Grade D but Edible <>
Date: Thu 07 Mar 1996 - 07:32:18 PST

Gabriel blows:

> Gerard Langley of them Aeroplanes once turned around to us,
> in the kind of fit of artistic pique that he alone can accomplish, and muttered, "I
> bet that Mark E. Smith doesn't even know what a trope is." "Damn right,"we
> responded, "But he does know what an A major looks like."

Wouldn't even be sure of that, given Smithy's recent state. Scanlon knows what an A major looks like. And Karl Burns knows what John Major looks like. That's why he's back in the band.

Smith might undrestand better if it were referred to as a "Trope-uh."

And did you know that the adjective meaning "of or pertaining to a trope" is "tropical"?

Onward, useless,

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