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From: Ed Carter <>
Date: Fri 08 Mar 1996 - 01:34:31 PST

>> I'm interested to see what this is all about.
>Not much. Occasional outursts of discussion re: the hidden semiotics of Martin
>Stebbing's and John A. Rivers' production values, the occasional rehash of the
>tedious poststructuralist-versus-neopositivist debate over David J's
>sunglasses, gratuitous revelations of Pat's real name, and the like.

Don't forget the great Condition Blue debate...

Does anyone know _anything_ of import? Last I heard, they were tootling about in the studio and considering alternative names to "Audio Aquatic" (which should cheer some list-members up).

butch-related manifestations include the Stranger Tractors single (released 5th Feb), but it's been on order at my local record store for a month now and shows no sign of actually being delivered. ST also played Bristol last night, with a "Pat Fish, ex-Jazz Butcher" solo set in support. My cunning plan to pop along and see it failed when they sent someone else to that thingy in Bath I was meant to go to. Do we have an Avon-area correspondent who might have seen this?


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