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Spooky stuff

From: Julian Stewart <>
Date: Mon 18 Mar 1996 - 16:05:40 PST

After undergoing the most brutal week I've had in a long time, I was rather happy to find a used copy of "Spooky" on CD at a store in San Jose.

I think my favorite track on the disc is Pat's early, strippeddown  version of "Girl Go." It has almost a subliminal quality to it, and I find that I like it more than the version that later appeared on "Cult of the Basement."

In related news, I waded through yards of black fabric and buckets of heavy makeup to see Love & Rockets play last night. At least 1/2 the set was made up of old tunes, including, surprisingly enough, "Ball of Confusion" (the only time they've ever played it live in the four times I've seen them). The new material sounded interesting, but I've never particularly enjoyed getting my first taste of the new songs in a live setting.

And I couldn't help wishing that Pat was playing instead.



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