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Shirley MacLaine EP?!

From: <>
Date: Tue 19 Mar 1996 - 15:59:21 PST

Well, butchies...
the hippest record store in eastern Iowa (ooh-- there's a recommendation, eh??) even has a regular divider for jbc, so that's something... but the latest find there was an ep titled 'shirley maclaine' (and recommended for the incredible pepto-bismol artwork of shirley and tenderly contrasting green lettering! yum!).
Anyway, the "liner notes" (i.e. the small paragraph of type on the back of the cardboard-only,-not-even-a-jewel-box cover states: "This EP is dedicated to Maynard F(sharp) Crabbes in appreciation of his dedication to advancing the cause of the jazz butcher in australia." So, she asks herself, is this an Australian import EP that I was lucky to find?? (for only $6.95, no less?)
Great version of "she's on drugs," too, by the way-- one which I had despaired would never find outside of vinyl! Is there any way to get eighties butchie on CD? Sorry for the neophyte question, but I've been out of the scene since heartbreakingly missing jbc in Hamburg in 1985. Yeah, it's been a while... but I miss those early LPs now that I retired my record player! (And I miss pat's voice-- it has a mainline to both my heart and my imagination!)
Thanks for keeping up the list!
And what's this about Pat playing with Love and Rockets?? ("Ball of Confusion" is second only to "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" in the world's best song list!)
Told you I hadn't been around the block yet... cheers to all of you!
karen alfke Received on Wed Mar 20 01:03:40 1996

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