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Re: Shirley MacLaine EP?!

From: Glen A. Davis <>
Date: Thu 21 Mar 1996 - 09:34:15 PST

>latest find there was an ep titled 'shirley maclaine'

I found this cd ep in the used bin of a local store around here (San Diego) a few months back. I think I paid about $3.00 for it, so I guess its not too rare. It is an Australian import.

As to the availability of other JBC on cds. The only 80s ones I consistently (or at least used to) see is: Condition Blue, Cult of the Basement (my fav by the way), Western Family (or is that one from the 90s), and occasionally the one with Bicycle Kid (the album title eludes me at the moment). Of course now that I've mentioned these, I'll probably never see them again. Last time I checked in Portland, OR I even saw new copies of C.B., C.o.t.B. and W.F. But you've much better luck checking the used sections of stores.

Oh and if you haven't picked up the latest one, Illuminate, I recommend it. Its readily available by ordering it at any cd store worth its salt. I like it much better than the last one.

Happy hunting.

     Glen Davis
     San Diego, CA
     (619) 626-2121
Received on Thu Mar 21 18:45:26 1996
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