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Pardon the sales pitch

From: Arik K Florimonte <>
Date: Fri 05 Apr 1996 - 18:50:00 PST

(This has been cleared with the web-king)

I have decided to unload some of my vinyl, including (JBC related):

The Woodentops

        Plenty 12" single               $3
        Well, Well, Well  LP            $4
        Spooky 12"                      $4
        Conspiracy 12"                  $5
Love and Rockets
        The Light 12"                   $2
        Ball of Confusion 12"           $2
        Motorcycle 12"                  $2
        Express  LP                     $4
        Earth Sun Moon  LP              $4
        1981-1983 The Singles  EP       $4
        In the Flat Field  LP           $5
        She's in Parties 12"            $3
        Kick in the Eye  EP             $4
        Bela Lugosi's Dead 12"          $3
        Ziggy Stardust/Third Uncle  EP  $4
        4.A.D.  EP                      $4
        Burning from the Inside  LP     $4

Prices are in US dollars and do not include shipping. If you would like a list of the non jbc-related stuff I'm selling, let me know and I'll send you one.
Email to Tell me your from the jbc list and I'll give you priority over any other responses I get.

Thanks for indulging me,
Arik Received on Sat Apr 6 04:55:01 1996

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