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Re: JB content!

From: JohnChen00 <mfogel_at_JohnChen>
Date: Tue 09 Apr 1996 - 10:03:28 PDT

On Tue, 9 Apr 1996, Chris Camfield wrote:

> I must apologize for sending that last message to the list. To redeem
> myself, I have a Jazz Butcher song question! *gasp*
I did it about that question...  

> Question is... in New Invention, why is there a little dog? Why a dog?
> Anyone care to speculate?
> Chris

Well, don't you think a linguaphone would come in handy for a dog? When ya bark, your human--I suppose that's how they'd think of us folks--would know exactly what you're talking about. Of course I'm sure most of the time it would be translated as "Car! Car! Car! Door! Door! Door!" What was the question?

Maybe the dog represents naivete or some such thing. the little dog's all alone...we know that much. Why is he alone? Is this a masked Ellison reference? Did Pat even put this much thought into it? Maybe the little dog new that Gerald was in Pat's wardrobe but he needed to invent something so he could snitch...

Screw it...I'm going for lunch...anyone else want to take a crack at it?

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> "Do you need a new invention? Are you in the right dimension?"
> (The Jazz Butcher)


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Maybe it's the dog from the RCA/HMV logo. (At least that's how I picture the dog...looking longingly at the gramophone wishing he could invent something like it so that he could speak...) Yes it could be a female dog. Received on Tue Apr 9 19:12:03 1996
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