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Distressed G-Folk

From: Sillyme <102465.41_at_CompuServe.COM>
Date: Sat 20 Apr 1996 - 22:42:32 PDT

Anybody know where/how I can locate this on CD? I'm in the Philly area & relatively new to the list- LOW VOLUME or what????? I can respect that. Anyway barring FAQ's etc... anybody wanna fill me in on why the JBC seems to be so underground in these here states. Is there a scandal in Bohemia? I'm not even gonna ask if that's available on CD, Well, Pat, if you're listening- You're brilliant! Have you heard the new Love & Rockets? Where *IS* your shelf life? You deserve better! sillyme (104265,41@compu$ Received on Sun Apr 21 07:56:55 1996

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