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Update on the state of Pat

From: Mike Egli <75402.2040_at_CompuServe.COM>
Date: Tue 30 Apr 1996 - 15:32:16 PDT

No, he's not sick or anything, although some of us may be questioning the disbanding / re-creation of the Pat Fish musical vehicle. The latest word from my friend Tom who talked with Pat this weekend is the new band name may be Sonic Sumo. I wish I was making this stuff up. I don't think any of the names Pat has come up with to replace the godlike moniker The Jazz Butcher (et al) come close to grabbing your attention the way IT did. Let's see - we've gone through Audio Aquatic, Cambodia, and now we have Sonic Sumo. Of those choices I like Sonic Sumo the best. Anybody else wondering if he's talking about the dog?

On a side note and an attempt to increase volume on our list, anybody hear any good new bands? Since we're waiting to see what happens with Pat and his quest for a band name, I don't expect to see a new Pat Fish record anytime soon. As far as new bands go I have been listening to a Canadian band called Bare Naked Ladies(5 guys actually). They have some tremendously funny songs (I wouldn't compare them to They Might Be Giants though, they are nothing like that) as well as a sense of irrelevence similar to stuff from Bath of Bacon and A Scandal in Bohemia. My cousin (Hi Dave) turned me on to them and I have seen them three times in the Boston/Providence area in the last week. If you see them coming to your area they are definately worth the price of admission, beware though, when they sing their song "If I Had $1000000," Kraft Macaroni and Cheese does come flying out of the audience.

Mike Received on Wed May 1 00:39:24 1996

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