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From: Michael H Whitworth <>
Date: Wed 01 May 1996 - 00:54:16 PDT

"Sonic Sumo" doesn't quite grab me -- I thought he was going for a more
serious name? -- but it's an improvement on "Audio Aquatic" and
"Cambodia". "Sonic ... " something would work, if only Boom and Youth
hadn't taken all the best suffixes. "Sonic Doom" if he's working with his Goth friends. Maybe we should start brainstorming, and someone can phone Pat with the best and the most hilarious responses.

On other good bands, is anyone else into Animals That Swim (a name that Pat would have liked if they'd not claimed it first). Lyrically, looking at the world from strange angles, though not exactly whimsical; sometimes a little like the more gentle side of the Blue Aeroplanes (half spoken, half sung lyrics, prose rather than verse). If you've heard the single Madame Yevonda (do I mean Yelonda?) this is entirely untypical, and about as upbeat, commercial and poppy as they get; Pink Carnations is more typical, as is the one about meeting Roy Orbison in a transport cafe.

all best wishes,

Michael. Received on Wed May 1 09:55:42 1996

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