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Band names and junk mail

From: Chris Camfield <>
Date: Wed 01 May 1996 - 10:05:37 PDT

Would it not be our DUTY as Jazz Butcher fans to try to think of good band names and send them to Pat? *grin*

It's not the most original source of names, but I was thinking about JB songs... how about "The Great Euphrates" or "Euphrates"?

I too am annoyed by the spam, and am saddened to see anyone leave because of it. I have to ask, Dave: why not change the userid of the mailing list so that we can carry on discussion without all this junk mail? If the userid was changed and email from the old discussion address was forwarded to the admin address, then things would run smoothly I think...

NB To anyone looking for a discography: the Web page has a great one. Hopefully it's up and running now or will be soon...


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Received on Wed May 1 19:09:43 1996
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