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Re:and junk mail

From: Julian Stewart <>
Date: Wed 01 May 1996 - 11:33:44 PDT

> I too am annoyed by the spam, and am saddened to see anyone leave because of it.
> I have to ask, Dave: why not change the userid of the mailing list so that we
> can carry on discussion without all this junk mail? If the userid was changed
> and email from the old discussion address was forwarded to the admin address,
> then things would run smoothly I think...

Certain types of lists, such as majordomo, allow the list owner to exclude posts from non-subscribers.

I'm currently running this option on my majordomo list (for the Go-Betweens), and have successfully avoided a fair amount of spam. Basically, anything sent by a non-member bounces and is just sent to me, to approve or to trash.

There is only one problem; when a majordomo list is set up this way, the address in the "from" lines in your post must match exactly with the email address you are subscribed under, or it will bounce.

Still, it's easy to work around this problem, and it does get rid of spam.

Just a suggestion,



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