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Re: Update on the state of Pat

From: Arik K Florimonte <>
Date: Wed 01 May 1996 - 15:02:55 PDT

At 06:32 PM 4/30/96 EDT, Mike Egli wrote:
>I don't think any of the names Pat
>has come up with to replace the godlike moniker The Jazz Butcher (et al) come
>close to grabbing your attention the way IT did. Let's see - we've gone
>Audio Aquatic, Cambodia, and now we have Sonic Sumo. Of those choices I like
>Sonic Sumo the best.

Well, to hopefully address both the name question and the low volume, I suggest we brainstorm some names, and then whoever has Pat's ear can tactfully drop a list of those that we decide are the best.

So, everyone brainstorm, then send me your ideas. I'll keep track of them, and then in a week or two I'll post them all and we can vote on them.

So, shoot.

Arik (for the header-impaired) Received on Thu May 2 00:04:16 1996

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