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Name Frenzy!

From: <>
Date: Fri 03 May 1996 - 05:49:06 PDT

Along the lines of "sigh-- all the great names are taken," my all-time favorite has been: The Smokin' Rhythm Prawns (More of a blues name, really), a semi-famous Berkeley band.
And, of course, Ned's Atomic Dustbin.
My suggestion for new FishNames so far:
why not
Spam Avoidance Techniques
Or is that too silly even for Pat?
Eclectic Sumo?
Electric Sumo?
The Great American Sumo Diet?
Silliness abounds here in Iowa...
"It's like the monarchy. I might not necessarily approve of what it represents, but I'd miss the hats." --Emma Thompson Received on Fri May 3 14:54:39 1996

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