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Newsy Rabbit

From: Ed Carter <>
Date: Sat 04 May 1996 - 17:54:05 PDT

You know, I sent you guys a message last week but it didn't make its way back here. Either my notoriously bad email package just got even worse, or I did something wrong, or #include <sinister.conspiracy.theory>

So I'll repeat myself on the offchance nobody got the last one. Token new bit at the end as well.

On Fri, 3 May 1996 08:49:06 -0400, wrote:

and there I was thinking we didn't have any aol-ers here. Still. a kill file that junks AOL-sourced posts from the list remains my favourite method of avoiding exhortations to subscribe to magazines or whatever it's about. Apologies to decent, law-abiding AOL-subscribers.

Weak Joke: Nobody expects the spammish repetition.

RE: Names.
My suspicions remain aroused by this name thing. What kind of a band needs a really clever name if it has good tunes? Really. Bands with eversoclever names are almost invariably crap, and possibly vice versa.

> Ned's Atomic Dustbin.

witness. Ed's New Pop Theory proved beyond doubt.

He should pick an awful or unimaginative name to restore faith. Something like, erm, "Fish". Oh... it's been done. Anyway, my thesis stands thus: Constantly changing the band name is possibly symptomatic of something even more uncertain.

TOKEN NEW BITS: [1] Occasional visitors to Northampton Central may be disturbed to hear that the latest news is that Slurp's Wino Bar has been thoroughly closed due to draconian licensing policies or something...? Anyone know any more about this?

[2] Pat recently went to the dentist. Apparently.


P.S. Any UK subscribers to this list with cable TV? I need a three hour videotape of L!VE TV news and weather reports for a hugely important conceptual art project.

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Received on Sat May 4 19:00:19 1996
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